Beginner Review Course

with Jeff Badler

Wednesdays from 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Beginning september 22, 2021

This review series for those of you who would like to shore up basic bidding and play of the hand skills.  This class will help those who haven’t played in a while, and will brush off the rust.  In September and October, Jeff begins with no trump and major-suit contracts. In November and December, we will move on to reviews of Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, takeout doubles, and overcalls. 

This class is ideal if you have finished Beginner 3 or 4.  Notes are provided. You will be bidding and playing many hands.  Jeff will go over every hand, and reinforce the bidding and technique of the declarer play.  Lots of practice as you will be the declarer on every hand.

There is no commitment necessary.  It is a pay as you go class.  Jeff makes it fun and informative.  You will want to return each week.

The cost is $35 per class, $20 with EASY PASS. 

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To make a reservation or for any additional questions email or use the button below.